I wanted to create a ‘go to’ page for any questions you may have – especially those few that I seem to get asked often! Hopefully you will find the answer here, but if not, there is always Twitter.

Where did you get the name ‘sarah primrose’ from?
Sarah is obviously my first name. Primrose came about when my Dad used to call me it when I was little. I put two and two together, and used it since!

Where are you from?
I'm from Edinburgh in Scotland. I'm always told I have two different accents though - one being my normal Scottish accent, and the other when I speak to people who don't understand my accent very well - so I may sound more English!

Is blogging your full time job?
Unfortunately no, I work full time in the construction industry and I blog as a hobby. But who knows what the future holds..

How do you have fun?
I'm quite a homebody and as my boyfriend and I just bought a house together, I just love going out to buy interior items. I also love reading books on history, having a marathon box set day on Netflix, going on walks in the country or the coast..

I also love exploring my own city and others. I enjoy seeing my friends, and of course, blogging!

Name some of your favourite stores… 
I usually shop at ASOS, Topshop, H&M and Fat Face for clothes. For makeup, it has to be Cult Beauty or Boots!

If you weren’t working in construction, what would you be doing for a career?
I would love to either be an Interior Designer or a Historian.

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