Going Green for 2019


Over the last few years, I love how everyone is being more mindful about what's harmful to our little planet! Since we have moved into our own home, we have also been making big changes along the way to do our little bit for our environment.

Using re-usable bags or opting for no bags
When we do our weekly shop, we were really good at taking our own bags along with us instead of asking for 15 small cheap carrier bags (that also adds up when you spend 5p on each one may I add!) Over the last few weeks though, we have had the shopping delivered as we have eben quite busy getting back into our routine. The first shop we got came with a million carrier bags - no joke. Nearly every item came with their own bag, which I don't understand how shops can justify. We have now noticed before you pay for your shop online, there is an option to not use any carrier bags - which means we are saving money, helping the environment and not having a million and one of them in the house! Massive result!

Using eco-friendly cleaning products
We aren't fully there with this one, but we have started to buy some. I'm hoping we can go fully eco-friendly with our cleaning products in a few months time, but we need to use up what we have first. I love the natural smell of the eco-friendly products, you can tell they don't have a lot of the bad stuff in them! My favourite scent so far is cucumber and tea tree bathroom cleaners.

Opting for cruelty free health/beauty products
Whether it's my make up, the shower gel I use or even cotton pads - I always try and opt for the cruelty free options. I'm a massive fan of Lush and the Body Shop, everything they do smell's amazing! I know some people may find them a bit expensive, but going cruelty free is not always expensive to do. There has been a few times I have been in a shop such as B&M or Home Bargains and come across cheap cruelty free shower gels, etc. I also use re-usable "cotton" pads to take my make up off at night. After I use them, I can pop them in the washing machine along with my other laundry and they're good as new once they are dried out.

Eco-friendly sanitary items
I've still to do this myself, but I'm unsure which products to switch too. There is so much to choose from! Pretty patterned sanitary towels, moon cups and even tampons! I'm a bit sceptical about moon cups to be honest, and the sanitary towels are more appealing to me. Once they have been used, they can easily be popped into the washing machine and be all nice and clean for your next cycle (no pun intended!). Moon cups though, are a durable plastic that can easily be washed out and re-use again when needed.

Have you made any eco changes for 2019?

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