Hello 2019


2018 has been one heck of a year! Mostly, we have been trying to make our house a home, which we will be continuing to do when we enter and throughout 2019.

We don't plan on going on any holidays again this year, so we can continue with our house projects and get it to exactly how we want. Our first task is getting a new fridge freezer, then save up some more to start our up cycling project in the kitchen (saving loads of money!). I can't wait for this project to start, as I really find our current kitchen dark and dingy.

Hopefully, at some point in the year, we will also be replacing all the floor surfaces - whether it be wooden floors or carpet. We left all the flooring that was already laid down when we moved in as it was too close to Christmas at the time. They are not in the best shape, but it has done us a good turn for over a year now, so I'm sure waiting a little bit longer won't do any harm!

In 2019, we have a few thing's to look forward to already, such as some shows we have booked, a family wedding, etc which I'm excited for! Even though we are throwing our all into the house again this year, I'm going to make sure we still make a lot of memories during the new seasons. Whether that be taking a little trip down the East coast or having another little jaunt to St. Andrews!

I'm not a person to make New Year's resolutions as I seem to make some unrealistic ones, but I have been thinking a lot lately about what I want to do in 2019 that is achievable. I'm going to do a lot more self care - whether it's having a time out once a week to detox and relax or booking in a massage once a month to unwind. I'm determined to do this, this year! A lot of people also make the resolution to lose weight in the New Year, and to me this is not a good one! I really struggle with my weight due to Coeliac disease and once I was diagnosed a few years ago, I put on two stone. The only good thing about it is, my dress size never really changed! I do plan though, to accept who I am and love me for how I am - lumps, bumps and all. However, I'm planning on to review what I eat and try to make some healthy changes (looking at you, fizzy juice!)

Do you have any plans or resolutions for the New Year?

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