Lets Talk about Dyspraxia


Ever since I was little, I kind of knew I done things differently from my friends and found some tasks quite difficult. I just thought that was how I was.

I've recently been diagnosed with a condition called dyspraxia. Something I have never heard of before, but now that I know what it's about, I can now see this is something I have always had.

Dyspraxia is a disorder that affects movement and coordination. It's not something that just develops and people are born with it. When I was younger, dyspraxia wasn't known very much back then so this is why I have only been diagnosed at the age of 27. But a lot more children now a days are diagnosed at school, as well as the adults who may not have had a chance to be diagnosed with it during their childhood.

Personally, dyspraxia affected me in many ways. I was never good with my balance, I really struggled with riding a bike and even tying my shoes! It took me 3 years to learn to drive a car and I'm absolutely pants at any kind of sports. Also, my writing looks as if a primary school child has wrote it. I also get really upset if someone changes plans that are made.

It's not just movement and coordination that is effected though, I found out it also connected with memory, trying to learn new skills, social situations, emotions and things like planning and time management. When I found this out, everything I had difficulties with started to come together.

I was diagnosed after I spoke to my GP about the difficulties I have and they referred me to an psychologist who then assessed me for an hour or so with my mum present. I'm so glad I now have answers as this also links in with anxiety (I have a severe anxiety disorder) and also another condition called dyscalculia, which is a difficulty in learning and understanding maths.

There is no cure for dyspraxia unfortunately, it is just something you need to live with. But my way of coping is to make people aware I have it, as I sometimes get really frustrated if I can't do something very simple or I will get annoyed if someone tries to take over if I'm trying to do a task myself.

I've decided to embrace it and also try to raise awareness of the condition, I may do things differently, but that makes me, me.

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