Five Happy Things #5


1. Fresh flowers
What's not to love about freshly cut flowers? I try and buy a fresh bunch every week to give our living room a little boost.

2. My little Pepe 
Pepe has been the cutest little munchkin ever lately! He has been really good with his words and sentences lately. He has also been a little devil with food and drink around, he wants to try a little bit of everything but it's so cute how he gets excited over a piece of food.
3. Being able to garden
Even though when I lived with my parents we had a front and back garden, having my own gardens seem completely different. I'm really getting into looking after it properly and trying to make it bright and colourful as I can.

4. Starting to decorate our spare room
I know, I'm sad aren't I? But it makes me so happy to see it change! The walls were a grubby lilac colour and covered in dirt, etc. Calum and I spent 3 evening's after work stripping the wallpaper away. We are going to spend this weekend getting the ceiling painted and washing down the woodwork. We definately need to get some lining paper as there is a lot of holes we need to fill too!
5. Only 1 week left of work!
I genuinely can't wait to be off - I'm slowly counting down the days! I feel like I have not been off in such a long time (I don't think me being off ill with gastroenteritis counts!). Calum and I have lots of plans for the week we are off, from doing house stuff, birthdays, catching up with friends and going to the Edinburgh Fringe. I hope I manage to get a long lie somewhere along the line.
Whats your five happy things lately?

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