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It takes a lot of research, hard work and determination to bag a new job. It's not always easy, but you need to have your heart in the searching to help you succeed. I've had people come to me over the years asking how I manage to get get a new job.

I thought I'd share some tricks and tips that I have picked up over the years to help you look for the career you really want, or even just to get yourself back out there!

Be honest
I know some people tell the odd fib in their CV, but being completely honest is the way forward. I have went for jobs I sometimes didn't have the exact skills for or experience they need within reason, and even though I'm sometimes turned down, I have also got jobs this way. Employer's will admire you for being honest and for trying, some may even take you on and train you up for the job.

Keep track
When you apply for a job, usually an acknowledgement email will pop in your inbox sometime afterwards with a generic "hey we got your CV/application we'll be in touch!'". I always find it useful of keeping a notebook beside my computer with the dates I applied for jobs, the job title and the company name. That way I can quickly go back and check instead of traipsing through hundreds of emails if I need to call them to check my application or anything.

Look for jobs on certain days
I don't see the point in job hunting every single day as it will be the same jobs you look at. I always find it useful to look 2 days a week, I preferred Sunday and Thursday evenings to do my searches over the years. I'm not sure why they've worked but I swear by it!

Use certain sites
Employers post on multiple sites so it's best not to look at every single one. I always use certain sites for certain companies. Here are 6 that I have personally used:
  1. S1 Jobs - this is a Scottish based website that I would always go to first if you're job hunting in Scotland. Most employers post on here and it's easy to adjust the salary table, locations, etc to suit you.
  2. Indeed - this is a UK wide website and I usually find lovely little gems on this! I think my last three job roles have been found on this site, I couldn't recommend it enough!
  3. Good Moves - another Scottish based job hunting website but focuses on work in the charity sector across Scotland.
  4. My Job Scotland - this website is again, Scotland based. This is where you can find all council and emergency sector jobs such as Police Scotland, Scottish Ambulance Service, etc. It does have more on it but I primarily look on it for these.
  5. NHS Scotland Recruitment - the website covers all NHS jobs in Scotland, from cleaners to doctors.
  6. Reed - I'm sure Reed is a UK wide search base but this is mostly where recruitment agencies go to post their jobs.
I hope my tips help you! If so, please let me know in the comments below.

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