Ways to improve your body confidence


I'm not perfect. In fact, no one is. Everyone has hang ups with their body, even those who have went out their way to have a cosmetic surgery will find another flaw. I have never really had body confidence. I'm not sure if it's because of how celebrities looked when I was growing up or the name calling I endured while I was a child / teenager. I've always been bad at focusing on all the parts of me I disliked than the ones I liked. But since I have entered my mid-twenties, I've noticed a shift in how I see myself. I've finally realised it's okay to not look exactly like a singer, actress, etc. And it's absolutely okay to highlight or show off what you do like about your body. I thought I'd share my ways on how to improve your body confidence.

1. Ignore fat (and skinny) shaming media
It would be an awfully strange world if everyone was the same shape and size! There are people out there who are naturally slender and curvy who are not able to lose / put weight on. It shouldn't matter to anyone what clothes size you are. As long as you're healthy and comfortable in your own skin, that should be the only things that matter to you.

2. Dress for confidence
This has taken me a very long time to achieve for myself. I used to follow the crowd when it came to fashion, but I've learnt that I was wasting my money and throwing the clothes away only months later. I have a very plain taste in clothes - I'm quite happy in a pair of jeans, some Chelsea boots and a striped top or even a baggy jumper / cardigan. And thats completely okay! I used to worry that baggy items would make me look bigger than I am, but  now I have the attitude to not care about what people think of my clothing. As long as I feel comfortable and confident, I will wear what I like.

3. Embrace your body
I used to have hang ups with how pale I am, my freckles and how wide my hips were. But these are things I am not able to change about my body, unlike my hair which I can dye or even get braces for my teeth. I'm now in love with how pale my skin is and everything that comes with it. It's best to not be so hung up on what you can't change, try and embrace it! And if you really want to, change what you can to make you feel more confident.

4. Don't let people put you down for what you eat
This is something I've only experienced in my twenties. A lot of people are quite health conscious now a days, some people are vegan, vegetarians.. you name it. I had a friend who used to shame me for eating meat as she was vegan - we are no longer friends. Everyone has different views and opinions on food - as long as you are healthy and eat proper meals - you shouldn't let anyone shame you for having a burger or a hot dog!

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