Ways to improve your body confidence


I'm not perfect. In fact, no one is. Everyone has hang ups with their body, even those who have went out their way to have a cosmetic surgery will find another flaw. I have never really had body confidence. I'm not sure if it's because of how celebrities looked when I was growing up or the name calling I endured while I was a child / teenager. I've always been bad at focusing on all the parts of me I disliked than the ones I liked. But since I have entered my mid-twenties, I've noticed a shift in how I see myself. I've finally realised it's okay to not look exactly like a singer, actress, etc. And it's absolutely okay to highlight or show off what you do like about your body. I thought I'd share my ways on how to improve your body confidence.

Five Happy Things #4


I haven't really been myself the last month or so due to really bad anxiety and panic attacks. But I need to remember that a bad day doesn't mean I have a bad life! I haven't done a round up in a while so here's what's making me smile.

1. Decorating my room
This wasn't intentional in the slightest. There was something wrong with two walls in my room, which had to be knocked down and rebuilt. So I'm currently living in a bit of a hovel at present, but the paint is bought and I'm starting to buy new bits and bobs to go with it! I can't wait until it all comes together.

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