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If you know me, you'll know I can be the sleepiest person ever or I can be up all night with insomnia - there's no in between! My room (especially my bed!) is my safe place and little haven. With the Summer nights upon us, there has been more nights I've not been able to sleep due to the warm weather, light seeping in through the crack in the curtain.. and extreme anxiety! Literally, anything and everything will keep me awake these days. So I thought enough is enough. And with a little help from the Yorkshire Linen Co, here are my tips on how I've started to manage to get more sleep this Summer.

Lavender - For some reason the smell of lavender really soothes me. I got a This Works deep sleep kit for Christmas which has a lavender pillow spray and a roller ball scent for my wrist that helps me relax and unwind before my I fall into a deep sleep.

Black out curtains - This is a must in the Summer! If I'm not finding it hard to get to sleep at night, I'll definitely be up at the crack of dawn with the sun. But with black out curtains like the gorgeous pink ones from Yorkshire Linen Co, you'll have no problems with getting to sleep or waking up too early. Not only do they keep the light at bay, but they also help keep unwanted sounds from waking you too (here's looking at you seagulls & crows!).

Technology down time - Like a lot of people, I'm addicted to my phone and I'm not afraid to admit it. I'm on it from the minute I wake up, and sometimes I can still have it in my hand as I'm dozing off. Sometimes my phone actually does help me go to sleep if I watch ASMR videos, but in the last few weeks, leaving my phone for two or three hours before bed time has helped a lot.

Fresh bed linen - I don't know about you but I get over excited when I buy a new duvet set for my bed! I've no idea why - I think it really ties the room together. I have completely fallen in love with nearly all the bedlinen at Next. They have a wide range of duvet sets in stock so everyone can find something to suit their bedroom! I feel that having fresh bed linen really can help aid sleep (and it can also be beneficial for your skin too).

A nice hot bath / shower - Everyone who knows me knows I want a bath (yes, I'm clean..) as I have a walk-in shower in my house for over ten years now. The shower probably isn't the best place to relax as you're not able to sit down and soak up the lovely hot water.. or not use the secret stash of Lush bath bombs you have for when you sleepover at someones with a bath.. But just having the warmth on your skin and the nice smelling scents from your cleaning products can be calming.

*please note, this is a sponsored post from the Yorkshire Linen Co. All tips are my views / opinions*

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