My Stobo Castle Spa Day Experience


I turned 26 last week (yay). For some reason, it didn't feel like my birthday and I was kind of dreading it as it's one year closer to 30 and I still don't have my shit together. I still don't have a house. But when I look at my friends and how their lives mapped out, it's totally okay to not be there yet.

For my 26th birthday, Calum and I went to Stobo Castle which is based near Peebles in the Scottish Borders for a relaxing spa day. We made our way there about 8am as we are only about an hour away from Peebles. We got there for about 9am, and we felt a bit nervous as none of us had ever been to a spa before.

The building itself was gorgeous, half a historic castle and half modern architecture. We parked up, went inside and were greeted by the receptionist who booked us in. She asked us to take a seat in what I can only describe as a massive room with a gorgeous tree in the middle, strewn with lots of comfortable sofas. A lovely beautician then came over to chat to us about our treatments we pre-picked, any medical history and to give us our robe and slippers. 

We were sent to different changing rooms to get into our swimsuits and robes. There were a few giggles when we saw each other as it was pretty weird that we could just walk about like this practically all day. Firstly, we had a look around then headed outside to the hot tubs. They were so warm, and with it starting to rain slightly it felt magical. We sat and watched the woodland creatures in the distance frolicking around.

After a while, it started to get a bit too hot, so we left and went indoors to discover the swimming pool. We didn't head in there straight away as we also found the mixed hydro pool which was amazing. It felt like a massive jacuzzi with big taps to sit under. It started to get a bit crowded, so we went to the mixed sauna - probably not a good idea when coming out of any kind of pool as it felt like we were standing on lava so swiftly came back out and headed for the swimming pool. The main pool was very big with ceiling to floor windows so you could just lounge and look at the forest.

About 11am, it was time for our treatments. We headed back to the room with all the sofas and we waited for the beauticians to call out our names. Calum headed off first for a back massage and a facial massage, while I had a back massage and a foot treatment. My back massage was amazing, the room was cosy with just candle light and whale noises. Once this 25 minute bliss was over, we headed upstairs for my foot treatment. This was basically a foot massage and a moisturising treatment along with other bits and bobs. I have tickle feet, but I could have fell asleep with how relaxing it was.

I went back to the main lobby to meet Calum and we headed off for our three course lunch. I felt really weird going as we still had our robes and costumes on, but once we were shown our table, we noticed a lot of other people in their robes too. The staff in the restaurant were very lovely, they explained what was gluten free to me and I had so much choice. We both had the potato and leek soup to start with, with bread. Our mains were chicken stuffed with cheese wrapped in parma ham, green beans and tomatoes with a peppercorn sauce - it was so good, I told Calum we had to make this for dinner back at my house one night. We both had different desserts though - Calum had a mango cheesecake while I had a hot chocolate cake - I don't have a sweet tooth whatsoever, but this was one of the best cakes I ever had! I felt a bit like Bruce Bogtrotter from Matilda just eating it.

For some reason, we thought it would be a good idea right after lunch to go to the Japanese Water Garden. We got changed and headed outside, it was quite warm and sunny by this point so it was a lovely walk down. We had to pass some horses and cows on the way down which really gave us the countryside feel. The Japanese Water Garden was beautiful, we tried to cover all of it. There were stepping stones across the water which we done a few times even though I was scared of falling in the deep water. We found a little hut with a bench which we sat in for a while, soaking up the sun and taking in the admiring surroundings.

We headed back up towards the castle, and we spent the rest of the day between the hot tubs, the relaxation rooms were Calum kept falling asleep, the aromatherapy rooms, experience shower and main pool.

I have never felt so relaxed in such a long time! Calum and I cannot wait to head back there.

*please note, all images, thoughts & opinions are my own*

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