My Stobo Castle Spa Day Experience


I turned 26 last week (yay). For some reason, it didn't feel like my birthday and I was kind of dreading it as it's one year closer to 30 and I still don't have my shit together. I still don't have a house. But when I look at my friends and how their lives mapped out, it's totally okay to not be there yet.

For my 26th birthday, Calum and I went to Stobo Castle which is based near Peebles in the Scottish Borders for a relaxing spa day. We made our way there about 8am as we are only about an hour away from Peebles. We got there for about 9am, and we felt a bit nervous as none of us had ever been to a spa before.

The building itself was gorgeous, half a historic castle and half modern architecture. We parked up, went inside and were greeted by the receptionist who booked us in. She asked us to take a seat in what I can only describe as a massive room with a gorgeous tree in the middle, strewn with lots of comfortable sofas. A lovely beautician then came over to chat to us about our treatments we pre-picked, any medical history and to give us our robe and slippers. 

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