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I feel like in the last couple years us women have really been sticking together, whether it's celebrities standing up for women rights or us blogger girls helping each other out - I see it more and more each day! This is such a far cry from ten years ago when I was a teenager and girls were pretty mean (they maybe still are but I don't see it). Our voices have never been as loud as they are now.

I thought I would make this post about celebrity women who really inspire me. People may not see these people as role models or idols but for me, they are.

Adele. I have been obsessed with her since she burst onto the music scene a few years ago. I love how she turned her heartbreak into something positive and she's one of my favourite women who has curves!

Marilyn Monroe. One of the top actresses and style icons of all time. At one point, I was going to get her face tattooed on my arm! To me, she has a timeless style and I desperately wish I was around when she was. She is such a beautiful woman.

Ashley Graham. I know a lot of people dislike her for some reason, but I discovered her back in 2015 while in Spain and became obsessed! She's made me feel so confident about being my size and she literally doesn't care if she has cellulite, tummy rolls, etc. I cannot wait to go away on holiday again with my new found bikini confidence!

Beyonce. Queen B. She doesn't even need an explanation..

Who are your inspirational women?

*all images are from Pinterest*


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