Date Night Ideas


With Valentine's day slowly looming upon us again, what's not to love when you're spoiling your partner and being spoiled back?

Date nights isn't only for Valentine's day, nor is it for new couples or the young. You can be with your partner for fifty years and still have a date night weekly! To me, it keeps a relationship fresh and keeps it healthy.

I thought I would let you know what my favourite kind of date nights are!

Going out for something to eat
Now I know this is what most people would do, but even trying a different cuisine can change it up a bit. Before Calum and I got together, I didn't eat much Indian food but now it's one of my favourites. We even went for some Brazilian food once which was amazing! I'd like to try proper Thai or Bangladeshi food soon.

I actually wish I do this more often, it's so fun when it's just the two of you but also a good laugh as a double date. You don't have to be a professional at it, I always seem to lose as I always end up giggling at how bad Calum acts when he doesn't get a strike!

Going to a quiz or band night
I've not actually done this but it's on my list! A few drinks to get the mood going and you're up for a fun night all in - lets hope you or your partner isn't a bad loser at a quiz. Even jumping around at a band night seems pretty cool.

Going for a stroll
Old fashioned I know, but who says you need to spend money to have a good time? This is a great way to have a good chat and get some lovely scenic photo's, especially if you live in a city such as Edinburgh.

Board game night
I love doing this! It can keep the both of you occupied for hours and also another great way to have a double date or even to get to know each others families - bonus points!

Pamper night
This is not just one for you and your girls - boys actually like this too. There's nothing better than both of you popping on a face mask and just chilling out. Who knows, he may throw in a lovely little massage too!

What's your favourite date night ideas?

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