La Roche Posay Effaclar Mat Moisturiser Review


I've suffered from oily skin and acne for about 14 years. I have tried literally everything to try and clear my skin - medication from doctors, microdermabrasion, herbal remedies, lots of different lotions and potions.. Some had worked but for a very short time and some didn't work at all! I've probably spent well over a thousand pounds trying to find a solution.

Then I found this.

I was in Boots just before Christmas and saw the La Roche Posay brand in the premium skincare aisle. I only had a quick look as I was in with my mum, and I couldn't justify paying for any of the products when I still had Christmas presents to get. But Calum's gran got me a Boots gift card for Christmas (Thanks Mrs Sheppard!) and I rushed back to pick this up.

I done some research online and discovered it's for oily skin - now I thought moisturisers were all the same but I'm obviously wrong. This moisturiser costs £15 and I highly recommend it!

I haven't used it very long, but the difference in my face is amazing! I'm no longer having greasy skin after a few hours and my acne has practically disappeared (even the spots I used to get when I was due periods! Yay!). 

I have noticed though - if you think £15 is a bit pricey for a small moisturiser - that a French pharmaceutical site sell this for only £9! I will certainly be stocking up on this when pay day arrives.

And since discovering things like this specifically for oily skin, I have now found specific makeup for it too. So more reviews will be on the way!

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