Goodbye 2016


Well what can I really say about 2016? I have achieved a lot this year, from getting a new job to completing things on my bucket list in London. Calum and I also have the ball rolling for getting onto the property ladder too. College is done and dusted, and a lot of memories have been made in general.

But if I'm honest, I'm glad this year is over. I wouldn't exactly replay this year..

2016 has probably been the worst year of celebrity deaths. I admit that I didn't shed any tears for David Bowie or Prince (not a fan, sorry not sorry), but the deaths of Alan Rickman and now George Michael have touched a nerve for me. Not only that, the amount of terror attacks the world is suffering from has really scared me.

On a personal level, college was a massive stress for me, to the point were I nearly dropped out the course three times! Surely trying to better yourself shouldn't be that stressful?! Long term friendships have also ended this year - I feel like a weight has lifted from my shoulders.

There has been many tears of sorrow shed this year too, but also many of laughter.

But, 2016, I'm glad you're almost over. Thank you for the learning curve this year.

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