Autumn is Here!


Autumn is my favourite time of year closely followed by Winter! I thought I would do a little round up of my five favourite things I'm looking forward to this season:

Movie nights with a million blankets
There's nothing better than snuggling up with only some candles burning watching awesome movies. Even making a den from the blankets is an ultimate Autumn goal, maybe even with a little picnic!

Cosy jumpers and Chelsea boots
I will find any excuse to wear a lovely mustard coloured jumper on top of any dress, with warm thick tights and boots - this is what I miss all Summer! What's not to love about layers?

Watching the leaves on the trees change colour
There's nothing more satisfying watching them change from a lovely green, to bright red or burnt orange to a crisp yellow/brown - it's like Mother Natures giving the world one last kiss before going away for the Winter. Also, there is something about hearing the crunch of the leaves under your feet that gives me a little smile.

The smell and sight of bonfires
There is a mansion type house close to where I work and they are always burning fallen twigs and branches and it's the best smell ever. The lovely smouldering heat when you stand near by and the sound of the cracking is amazing too.

Warm drinks
I've never been a person to drink tea or coffee, but for some reason I always crave a hot chocolate at this time of the year. I'm yet to try a one of the pumpkin spiced drinks from Starbucks - this is one of my Autumnal goals this year!

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