Sometimes life just gets in the way..


Oh how I've missed my blog! I do apologise for not writing in so long but life happens.

My dad was really unwell in Mid-May, so much so he had to stay in hospital just short of a week. It was a really scary time, we al thought it was something serious but it turned out to be a really bad case of flu. It's taken nearly two months full of tests, tears and uncertainty to find that out. I also caught the flu and was bed ridden for days, it was awful!
A couple weeks ago, my uncle passed away. I was shocked. We were not at all close as we haven't spoken since I was thirteen but it was an awful time for family members that were.
On top of all that I'm trying to do my final assessments for college too. I'm hoping to pass in August to attend graduation in September.
I promise I'll get back on track with my little space.

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