Five Happy Things #3


I feel like I haven't blogged in forever! Since coming back from London, its been so hectic - trying to get my head down in my new job as there is a lot to learn, trying to get my college assessments out the way and Calum's birthday. But since coming back, things have been looking up.

1. Going to an Indian Restaurant for the very first time!
Of course I have had Indian food before, but I have never had it in a proper restaurant with all the aromatic spices flowing through air, the great hospitality and the beautiful colours! i've no idea why, but Calum just decided to take me out to the local Indian restaurant near my home (and not far from the beach) and some drinks afterwards. We had poppadoms and sauces/chutney to nibble while we decided what to have for our mains. I had a tikka massala and Calum had a korma, the server was trying to convince Calum to change his option as he said it was for girls! It was lovely to have some drinks with our meal as I don't usually have one. Once we left we decided to go to a pub on the promenade for some more drinks then a stroll along the beach, it was just lovely!

2. My birthday this month
I can't believe I'll be 25 later this month! For some reason, being 25 is kind of freaking me out slightly - I'll be half of 50! For my birthday, we are going to Glasgow for the night so we can go shopping, have a nice meal and some drinks. I can't wait to go!

3. Wavy hair
For a long time a few years back I had wavy hair all the time, but it took so long to do I just stopped. The last few days though I have started using my jumbo enraptures to create them again and I feel like I've fell in love with it all over again! I think this could be my signature look for the Summer.

4. Getting fit
I've not been happy with my weight for a while due to gluten free food being higher in fat, so I bought a Fitbit and have lost a few pounds already. I've also changed my diet up slightly and walked more after dinner. I forgot how much I loved walking around such a beautiful city.

5. Getting back into the cinema
I have a cineworld card but I feel like I hadn't used it in months, purely due to nothing I fancied to see in the cinema. But recently, I went to see The Jungle Book and it was amazing! Now, there are lots of new films I want to see, such as Bad Neighbours Two. This is going to save us so much money in the long run for our house deposit!

Whats your five happy things recently?

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