25 things I've learned in my 25 years


I can't believe I'm now 25! I was a bit apprehensive about turning quarter of a century, it sounds so scary. But I feel like a proper adult now. A proper adult who has 25 years of life experience under my belt. I thought I would write 25 lessons I've learned so far..

1. Blood is not always thicker than water
2. Always trust your gut instinct
3. Don't ever settle for less than what you want
4. Don't hide what you love, such as hobbies and interests
5. Don't let your world revolve around one person
6. Look after your skin
7. Be yourself
8. Don't compare your life to others
9. Everyday is special, make it count
10. You are in charge of your own happiness
11. Time does heal everything
12. People will talk about you, it means they are leaving someone else alone
13. The best is yet to come
14. Never assume anything
15. Accept who you are
16. Show how much you love someone everyday
17. Never sleep on an argument
18. Be grateful
19. Details do matter
20. Only your opinion matters when it comes to the decisions you make
21. Mental illness is temporary, it will pass
22. Spending time alone is good for you
23. Lies only exist if we believe them
24. Being kind is more important than being right
25. Social media doesn't rule your life

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