Self Improvement


1. Learn something new
Whether it be an open learning course like myself, evening classes, learning the guitar or another language.. this can open all a whole new different kind of opportunities! I personally wanted to study a higher level of what I done in my apprenticeship so it could further my career in the long run. I'm also looking into doing a course on Bach Remedies as I use these just now from my complimentary therapy sessions and it just looks so interesting.

2. Read books

I always feel that reading helps with self improvement, especially non fiction books. I'm currently reading "Reasons to Stay Alive" which is an amazing book especially if you have suffered with depression and anxiety! I will write a full book review when I'm finished.

3. Create an inspirational home
I still live at home with parents, but my room is covered by inspirational quotes and photographs. I love these quote cards from Kikki K which I have on my wall, along with my daily calendar of inspirational quotes. I know when Calum and I purchase our first home I will have inspirational art on the walls.

4. Exercise!
I'm not a big exercise lover myself as I find the gym boring. But sometimes I do push myself to go and I feel great afterwards! If I'm not at the gym, I love to go on long walks (lovely scenery to photograph - bonus!), swimming or play badminton.

5. Learn from people that inspire you
I think only now I have inspirational people, they can vary from celebrities such as Ashley Graham or to political people like Winston Churchill. I find people who stand up for what they believe in amazing and I have noticed that I'm starting to do that myself.

6. Avoid negative people
I wrote a post last year regarding toxic people and I still continue to do this today. I just feel I'm nearly into my mid-twenties and I don't need all the drama anymore. So far, I have cut out two friends from my life, one still tries to contact me but as I'm not rude, I keep it short and simple. I think the next time I may just ask them not to contact me again or start ignoring them.

7. Let go of the past
I found this extremely hard especially when you suffer from depression. Now a days I find it better to let go of thoughts, people, etc and get on with things. I have to admit though, there are things that some people have done I won't be able to forget, but I can handle it much more better than before.

8. Treat people how you want to be treated
I always treat people with kindness and respect, which isn't always returned. I feel this can show bad character and it's a skill to learn. I mean if you wake up on the wrong side of the bed, always try to leave your mood at the front door before you leave.

9. Take a break
Like in my recent post, it's always nice just to get away from all the daunting tasks of work, college, etc. Take time out once a week and treat yourself. Binge on Netflix and chuck on that face mask!

10. Make peace with haters
There are a lot of people out there who I feel don't like me and other people who have told me they dislike me. I always like to try and resolve the conflict by asking them why, suggest reasons to resolve, etc. But there are people out there who don't want to resolve things, but at least you know you've tried with them if they don't accept.

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