Five things on my Bucket List - 2016 edition


I have thought of a yearly series of five things I really want to do or achieve this year on my bucket list. Not all of this will be to everyone's taste, so please remember this is for me and not to please everyone else.

1. Be a tourist in London
I've been in London before but unfortunately I was just passing through to catch the Eurostar. I've never seen any of the tourist hot spots before, so I think Calum and I will book a long weekend away to explore old London town. I can't wait to see Buckingham Palace, Westminster Abbey and Big Ben!
2. Become a house owner with Calum
Calum and I have been saving up like mad to make this happen before Christmas this year. We are hoping by June or July we will be ready to make the jump and I'm so excited! I have also bought a lot of house items, mostly kitchenware, so we won't be spending a fortune once we have somewhere and will only need to buy the big furniture.
3. Place our love lock on the Forth Road Bridge
I know that a lot of people put it on the bridge in Paris, but I thought one closer to home would be even more special! Hopefully we can do this soon as the weather is starting to pick up.
4. Have a camp fire at Gullane beach
For a long time I've always wanted a bunch of us to head up here with a barbeque and some drinks just to chill out and have a fire going to keep warm. It just looks so beautiful in my head that I need to make this happen in the Summer!
5. Go to the Christmas Market in York
Now this totally depends on if we get a house or not, but I'm totally up for saving a couple hundred pounds to go. I've heard its so magical looking and I love wondering around Edinburgh's Christmas features - I've never been to another Christmas feature before!

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