I have been thinking a lot about friendships over the past few weeks. Thinking back over the years, I've had a lot of friends. One's I went to school with, childhood friends, friends I made due to my parents being friends with theirs, friends at clubs.. the list is endless!

Five things on my Bucket List - 2016 edition


I have thought of a yearly series of five things I really want to do or achieve this year on my bucket list. Not all of this will be to everyone's taste, so please remember this is for me and not to please everyone else.

Self Improvement


1. Learn something new
Whether it be an open learning course like myself, evening classes, learning the guitar or another language.. this can open all a whole new different kind of opportunities! I personally wanted to study a higher level of what I done in my apprenticeship so it could further my career in the long run. I'm also looking into doing a course on Bach Remedies as I use these just now from my complimentary therapy sessions and it just looks so interesting.

Mothers Day!


I love my Mum. But everyone does, don't they? I wanted to write a post to show how much I appreciate her for the things she does for me. I know I'm 24, but being an only child, my mum is always there for me even if its something so small and insignificant.

Five Happy Things #2


1. I have a new job!
I'm so excited! I've been working as an administrator since I was 16, but in the last year or so I have worked in the construction sector as a document controller. I tried my best to stick it out but the job's not really for me, so I applied for hundreds of other roles. This was my second interview since the start of the year and I'm so pleased I got it! The office looks amazing and my new colleagues are all lovely.

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