Tips for working full time, studying and having a social life


People must think I'm mad sometimes when I tell them that I have a 42.5 hour a week job, studying a college course and STILL have the time to socialise!
I work as an Administrator for a construction company, so I've had to get used to the long hours quickly. The only two good things about working all these hours is the pay and finishing at 2:30pm on a Friday.

Last Summer, I decided I wanted to learn something new. I originally wanted to go on a counselling course but because of the way I wanted to learn it wasn't the best option. So as I already have business and administration qualifications, I decided to go onto the PDA in Administration course so I could further my career in the future. A PDA course is a long way round to get a HNC. Once I have finished this course, I would need to move onto the PDA in Information Technology, do a couple HNC units then I would have a full qualification. At the moment I'm thinking of taking a break after I finish this course as I feel as if my brain needs a rest!
So if you're interested in doing an open learning or evening course while working, I have came up with some tips.
1. If the course you are doing is something work related, a lot of the course work you will already know. I found this out while printing off all the packs for my college folder. Some of the assessments and questions I found really easy and whizzed through it, a long with getting 100/100 marks, only because I have been in the administration field for nearly 9 years and have studied something similar before.
2. Plan your day. Luckily with my job, if I'm not so busy I just do some college work. My tutors are quite laid back as long as I'm doing the course work and submitting at least one assignment every week. Or if I'm very busy, I sometimes use my lunch break to study.
3. It will be worth it in the end. There's been a few times now were I have been frustrated with college, like if the tutors take forever to get back to me or I can't find my assignments on the college learning website. Sometimes just taking a moment away from it can help.
4. Use highlighters! Some of the course workbooks can be quite long and with so many of them, I don't have time to read through every single page. So when I first print off the work book, I read through it carefully and highlight things I may find useful, even if I already know it.
5. Don't give up your life. I know its not always possible but even an hour of studying a day can be enough. I don't like the idea of being stuck inside studying constantly, so if you want to go somewhere or see someone, go! Life can't stop because of work or studying.
Are you planning on taking up a course this year?
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