Our Valentines Day!


So from my last post regarding what we were doing on Valentines Day failed, I thought I'd share on what we done instead! We were meant to go to the Highland Wildlife Park in the Cairngorms but the snow there was horrendous, so we decided to go to St Andrews Aquarium.. then the snow hit there too..

So on Sunday, Calum woke me up by putting his cold bloody hands on my back, such a lovely awakening on Valentines Day.. not. I gave Calum all his presents, which are mostly cheesy little items and a couple Valentines Day related games. I'm glad he really liked them as I didn't want to get him too many things he wouldn't use. I did get him a lot of sweets which I think he's most chuffed about!

So I waited for my card at least but he said I would need to find them. I didn't need to move from the bed as I could see them on my dressing table! So I brought them over, a gift bag and a wrapped up box shaped item.

I opened this first and there was the most beautiful box which had "Memories with you" engraved on top, it was just perfect as I keep all my cinema tickets, etc from our dates. I opened it up and it was filled with rose petals and had a lovely glass frame with a love heart, I'll need to get a photo of us in it ASAP.

I opened the bag an I had lovely little sweets such as marshmallow kisses, berry flavoured fruit pastilles and a bouquet of chocolate roses. There was also a heart shaped shower set, a lovely dog teddy holding a love heart, lots of candles and a few other little surprises. The boy done good.

Then I noticed I didn't have a card, so I asked and he said it was in the post. THERE'S NO POST ON SUNDAYS - that's all I heard in my head with Uncle Vernon from Harry Potters voice. So eventually we got up and seen to Pepe.

Calum said he was a bit hungry so I said I would make him breakfast. He was insistent he wanted a roll so I had to walk all the way to the shops to get some, and when I was cooking breakfast when I got back, the door bell rang. Calum sprinted downstairs then into my room. I had no clue what he was doing but he came through with a beautiful bunch of roses, my card and other little things. Calum is the best!

We ate our lovely breakfast then spent the day in bed watching Netflix and playing Valentines connect four (7 - 10 to me ha). I love days when we do nothing but still have fun!

We then both got ready as Calum was taking me out for a lovely dinner at the Old Chain Pier. It's a cute little restaurant that hangs over into the sea. We had a window seat and it was just lovely watching the waves cuddle into the stones below us.

I forgot to take photo's of our food, but I had nachos for my starter, while Calum had chicken liver pate. It was absolutely delicious, especially knowing all the food is home made, seasonal and locally sourced.

For our main, Calum had fish, chips and mushy peas and I had a GF Mexican burger and chips. My main was just too big and I couldn't finish it, so glad I didn't have burger buns!

So for our second Valentine's day together, it was pretty special I have to say. A lot of people think it's silly celebrating it, but I think its a lovely idea and excuse to push the boat out and go that extra mile to show the one you love how much you mean to them.

What did you do for Valentines day?

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