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I can't believe Valentine's day is nearly upon us already! Before Calum and I got together, I never really experienced Valentine's day. I think once I went to the cinema with someone I was dating but that was it - I don't think the cinema is the best date as you can't really talk. I also remember when I was a kid, my mum and dad would "post" a couple valentines cards though the door - I had a shock one year when I genuinely got a Valentines card from someone!

A lot of people don't believe the hype of this lovely day as you can show the person you love how you feel all year round. But Calum and I like to go out our way and do something. Last year, we bought each other some of the usual gifts like a teddy bear, chocolates, flowers, etc and went out for an amazing Italian meal. This year we have decided to make a day of things (well, more of a weekend as Valentine's day is a Sunday), so on the Saturday we are going to get up really early and head to the  Highland Wildlife Park. I've always wanted to go to see the wolves, I'm so excited! I think on the Sunday, we will have a chilled out day. Maybe go out for a meal, and weather pending (so many storms here lately), go for a long walk.
You don't always have to spend a fortune on Valentine's day, so below are my top 10 ideas to celebrate:
1. Bake something. Even though we are doing things, I'm going to make a cherry pie with scattered hearts on top - cherries are my favourite so I hope I can pull it off
2. Make home made cards. I think they mean more than shop bought ones.
3. Go for a long walk. In Edinburgh, I think we are lucky to have so many gorgeous places to go, like Newhaven Harbour, Arthur Seat, Pentland Hills, the beach..
4. Or be a tourist in your own city. We love doing this! Edinburgh is such a wonderful place to explore!
5. Both of you cook a meal from scratch. Again, we do this every Saturday as Calum wants to do more cooking. I think I'm quite a good cook, but both of us are learning some harder recipes as of late. Chinese is always our go-to meal to try.
6. Make favour cards. You can put things like a massage, a fancy slap up meal, a candle lit bubble bath.. basically anything you want!
7. Set up a treasure hunt for your partner. I would love to do this one day. Just leave lots of clues around and a the end, surprise them with a gift or lead them to a restaurant, etc.
8. Get crafty! Make clay hearts, bunting, decorate cups and jars..
9. Make a playlist with songs that make you think about them.
10. Have a duvet day. Lots of blankets, pillows, hot chocolate and movies - bliss!
What will you do for Valentine's Day?

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