Five Happy Things #2


1. I have a new job!
I'm so excited! I've been working as an administrator since I was 16, but in the last year or so I have worked in the construction sector as a document controller. I tried my best to stick it out but the job's not really for me, so I applied for hundreds of other roles. This was my second interview since the start of the year and I'm so pleased I got it! The office looks amazing and my new colleagues are all lovely.

2. Lighter nights and Spring coming
Spring is my new favourite season with the lovely flowers in bloom (I've lost count how many bunches of tulips I've bought!), the gorgeous blue sky appearing and the sun finally making an appearance. It's not dark when I go home from work anymore and I can't wait for it to be lighter even later so I can start having evening beach walks again.

3. Reading again
I use to be a little book worm as a kid, but since being diagnosed with depression I find it really hard to concentrate. I picked up a couple books the other week and I'm slowly working through them, my aim this year is to read at least 10 this year.

4. The moon
I know the moon is always there, but the snow moon we had recently has got me in awe. I've always loved looking up at it since I was little, my mum used to tell me my granddad was the moon as he passed away when I was a baby. It's a lovely way to think of him I think.

5. Complimentary Therapy
I think this is the only kind of help I have enjoyed! Roisin is just super lovely. She has given me Bach remedies which have really helped, and my last session we pretended Channing Tatum was in the room, I never laughed so much in a while! I'm quite gutted it's just four sessions but I'm looking forward to my next two.

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