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Oh Pinterest, why do you taunt me?
I have a whole board on  Pinterest just covering the office area and desks. We hope when we eventually get a house to make the smallest bedroom into a little office area and I can't wait! It would be so handy for me for college work and for blogging. Calum also has a gaming PC so we would need to get a couple desks for the room.

I love the idea of the organised mess look, especially when it comes to shelves. I know for a fact where my desk will be I will be having a few shelves scattered with pretty prints, quirky ornaments and stationary must haves.
The only computer I have just now is a Toshiba laptop, which I got for Christmas many years ago. Unfortunately, I haven't been on it for a long while due to easiness with a smart phone and IPad, and due to this its very very slow.
I'm hoping once we have saved up enough for the deposit of the house to purchase this  IMac, I know they are expensive but I think they're so worth the money!
I also thought of stationary. If you're like me, I have a million notepads, so many pencils and pens scattered around the house. Recently, I have fell in love with luxury brands such as Kate Spade, Kikki K, etc. Below are a few things I would love in my own little office.

Can you recommend any other lovely stationary brands?
*please note, images are from Pinterest and John Lewis*

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