Pinspiration - The Bedroom Edition


Calum and I have been saving up for a deposit for a home for a little while now, and luckily where we live there are schemes we can join so the cost is less.

As we are getting nearer to our goal, we have been discussing interiors a lot, so much so I'm beginning to annoy him haha!

We have always said we want it to be a cosy little safe haven, but we can't decide on how it would look. Calum likes the modern look, and I prefer vintage/farmhouse look. We are trying to combine both our ideas together so we can both enjoy picking things.

Spring Wishlist

Pinspiration - The Living Room Edition

Our ideas for the living room are quite like minded.

All walls will most likely to be white but I like the idea of having a dark grey feature wall. Art prints will be on the wall too. The flooring, we can't decide on carpet or wooden floors but I'm hoping to sway Calum with a wooden floor and a lovely big rug..

We both want a fabric grey sofa. I don't think we will be getting one from Ikea but love the idea of this one. It took me a while to convince myself with grey as I had my heart set on a navy sofa from

Five Quotes I Love #1


When I was younger, I used to try and follow the crowd and not indulge in my real interests. I remember telling someone I was interested in history once and I was name called for it. But now, I don't care. If it makes you happy, go for it.

My Nightly Skincare Routine


Like everyone else, it has taken me YEARS to get a combination of skincare products to work with my skin! I suffer from acne at times, dry skin on my nose, oily forehead.. the list is endless.
I went through a faze of buying lots of products, some very expensive, but I've discovered that just because it's more expensive doesn't mean it will be right for you.
But these products work great together for me so I thought I'd share what my routine is.

YSL Souffle D'eclat


For the last month I have slowly fallen in love with the YSL make up range. I just love how light the make up feels and how the colours are so close to your skin tone!

New Ink!


I have been lusting over a new tattoo for ages, but I have so many ideas I have no idea what to get. I eventually went to my favourite tattoo studio in Edinburgh, Love Hate Tattoo, and booked myself in. Luckily, the tattoo artist was free straight away so I went ahead!

YSL Fusion Ink Foundation


I always change my foundation every so often due to feeling like it doesn't work with my skin anymore. So just before Christmas I stopped wearing Estee Lauder and decided to go to Debenhams to find a better alternative. I discovered the YSL counter, and the girl put me at ease instantly!

Hello 2016!


Two thousand and sixteen. I can't believe how the years have flown by already! 

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