Five Happy Things #1



1. Christmas Markets
I come to these every year in Edinburgh, and it gets better and better every time. Calum and I went for a wonder in town on Sunday, and we ended up having a look around. Theres so many crafty stalls, food stalls, beer tents, Christmas rides, etc it's just magical. Calum ended up having a waffle with vanilla sauce and black cherries - it looks and smells so good! I didn't want to risk getting anything in case it contains gluten, but we luckily found a couple stalls were I can get something next time we go with friends. Also, the hot chocolate was to die for!
2. Extra Winter clothes!
Because who doesn't love wearing a scarf, mittens, ear muffs or a Russian looking hat?! Being toasty is what matters.
3. Adele is back!
I'm so happy! I have been a massive Adele fan from the beginning and her new single/album is just a breath of fresh air to me. I tried really hard to get tickets to see her in Glasgow, but they sold out pretty quickly. I will eventually go and see her, but until, then I'm just happy with her new music!
4. Dark nights
I prefer it when it's dark, no idea why. Probably because in a past life I must have been nocturnal.
5. Pretty Little Liars
I've only just started to watch this the last couple weeks and I'm hooked! I'm hoping to watch them all buy Christmas but I'm only on Season 2. Who wouldn't like to live in Rosewood?

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