"When the city of lights goes dark, the rest of the World lights up for her"


I think like everyone else in the world, these terrorists attacks are becoming far too frequent and getting scarier every time.
I didn't really know what had happened until Saturday morning, and I was really worried about my friend Abrar, who lives and studies in the city. Luckily, she and her husband are safe. But for more than 120 people, they are gone forever.
These people are innocent. They went about their every day lives. Some were at a football match, some at a concert and some at restaurants.
I have a lot of Muslim friends, and not for one second I would say their religion is the problem. The problem here is extremism. Those people are bad people, trying to excuse their terrible acts with religion.
No religion asks for this. Not one.
I not only pray for Paris, I pray for all the other different towns and cities that are attacked because of these despicable people.
One day, I hope the world will be at peace.
Pray for the world.
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