My Little Pepe!


I've had numerous pets while growing up. In total I've had three dogs, a hamster, numerous budgies and fish. At one point I remember there being about 6 budgies in the house at once - was chaos but it was great! Every one of them had a different personality.

I heard of a breeder selling some baby budgies back in August, even though they wouldn't be ready until October, and since my last budgie Billy passed away in April, I thought this would be good. He was 8 weeks old when I got him and he was just terrified.

But now fast forward a few weeks, his personality has came out and he's lovely! He flies around the room, can say a few words and imitates noises. He loves sitting on your hand, especially when its really close to your face to give him kisses. He's quite funny when he sits on the mirror above the fire place, it looks like he's about to attack you!

I'm introducing him to new foods just now, he loves cucumber and he hates toast funnily enough. He's not so keen on baths either but think he will get the hang of it eventually.

He doesn't nip very sore either, Pepe's quite a gentle thing, even Calum says so.

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