Bullying - My view and story


I think no matter where you go, bullying will always be there. It doesn't just have to be at school, it can happen in public, at work, on the internet, etc.

I was bullied. I'm not scared to say that. And I want to tell you what happened to me.

Through primary school, I had lots of friends, I was happy and I enjoyed school. Throughout school I was called fat a lot. It made me feel horrible but I was a carefree child and just ignored it, or I said something back - that usually made them be quiet for a while.

Everything changed in secondary school. I felt way out my depth. On and off I was called names. I remember at one point some of my "friends" stopped speaking to me for no reason, I went up to one of them to talk so I was chatting away and she just stared right through me like I wasn't even there. I said she was rude then walked away as I was upset as no-one told me I had done anything wrong.

In third year at high school, I was jumped from behind - for something I didn't even do. I don't want to go too much into it as its settled and in the past. But this escalated to parents getting involved and the police had to arrest her stepfather.

For some reason, even though I didn't do anything, I was moved to a different high school which was probably the worst thing to do as third and fourth year was important for exams. The school went about this all wrong and the other person should have been removed, not me.

I only lasted 4 months at my new school. I had a lot of friends there, but as the year is halved, my friends were in none of my classes. I felt really alone and I only enjoyed break times and going home. Also, I was in maths class one time when a teacher asked to speak to me. I went outside and I was accused of bullying a girl I didn't even know. I protested my innocence - I'm not an angel but I genuinely didn't know who this girl was!

Also, while I was there, I was being targeted online by a girl at my old school (not the one who jumped me) and a girl at my new school. Both were ganging up on me on my social media. I was being called names and threatened with physical violence. The girl at my new school was in some of my classes, but not once did she say or do anything while I was there. Eventually, they must have got bored and left me alone.

I walked out of this school and my old school said they would take me on again. I didn't want to go to my classes as the girl was still attending, so I had to sit in a small room without a proper teacher or any guidance. Plus, I was only there part time from 9am until 12pm so my performance in my exams suffered drastically. I wasn't even allowed to take my exams with other pupils - myself and 2 other people who weren't allowed for reasons I don't know were made to sit in, what I can only describe, a janitorial cupboard.

I really wanted to stay on to do my higher education in fifth and sixth year, but I didn't like the way I was being treated so I moved schools again! I only attended a trial period as I found it hard to adjust, even though I had loads of friends here too.

When I left school everything went great, I got a job, completed my apprenticeship, etc. But things changed when I was 20.

I started to see a guy who I went to school with. He had a child with the girl who targeted me online from my first school. By then, this was all water under the bridge and I didn't see the problem, this person hadn't been with the guy for a long time and she also had a new partner. I was so wrong..

As soon as someone found out (the person who told her was meant to be my friend too), that's when the bullying started. Funnily enough, all online again, but this was worse than before. I was threatened again, name called, had rumours spread about me.. you name it, she done it. I was so scared to even go to my friends house, and it was getting to the stage were he didn't want involved in the bullying so I ended it.

I supposedly stopped him from seeing his child, which isn't true. I remember before I ended things, she wrote a status about me stopping him. My friend showed me what she wrote and I felt sick. A lot of people who were meant to be friends had "liked" and commented on it. As soon as I saw this, I cut all ties with them. I've had a few trying to add me on social media or speak to me in the street since then, but I ignore them as I still feel betrayed. Even her own mother and sister were calling me names on it!

Another night before I ended things, I was trying to sleep for work, when my phone came to life with a million texts, bbm messages (yes I had a blackberry..), facebook messages, etc and I just felt sick. I started to cry and I phoned him and he wouldn't do anything. All these different girls who never even knew me were saying things. I was shaking and told my mum, she wasn't happy at all and wanted to do something about it.

Even when I ended things with him, it took me a long time to feel normal again. I think she just didn't want anyone to be with him, because after we ended, she didn't get back with him or anything so it's confusing.
To be honest, I still don't think I'm over it. I stopped eating properly during that period and my weight dropped. I think I lost 2 or 3 stone even though I was only seeing him for about 3 months. This isn't healthy when it's due to stress and anxiety.

I'd like to get closure one day. I'd even like to ask my so called friends why they believed her lies. But because of the type of person she is, I think it would start up all over again.

I'm 24 now and I've grown up a lot since then. But I still get called fat, etc. People need to remember that some people have medical conditions like myself that make you put on weight.

If you are being bullied, please speak up. Don't let these people control your life.

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