Volunteering with Edinburgh Cat & Dog Home


For work, we have to help the charities in the area we are working in. So I chose the Edinburgh Cat & Dog Home.
Animals have always been a big part in my life and I honestly don't know how many pets I've had over the years. I'm doing this for only 3 days unfortunately but I will be enquiring to do it longer.

In the morning, I was helping out in the Boarding Kennels, for people to leave there dogs so they can go on holiday, etc. I first had to transfer the dogs from there kennel to their outside pen to disinfect and clean their kennel (luckily no poo or pee!). One I done this for about 25 dogs, I'd swap them around so they all have time to go outside and play. They were also fed their breakfast and I managed to give them all a mid morning treat! Afterwards, I groomed 2 black Labradors and a Cavalier King Charles Spaniel. They kept trying to kiss me! I also cleaned their bowls and changed their bedding if they had spare. A little while later before lunch, I took a black Labrador puppy and another Cavalier King Charles out into the field for a proper run and to play with the balls.
After lunch, I had a quick tour of the Boarding Cattery and Rehoming cats (luckily there aren't many!). I was then asked to help in the Isolation Kennels for stray dogs. Basically this is where dogs go if they are unwell, have a condition or behavioural problems. Some of the dogs here are still adoptable though!
I was ask just to spend some quality time with some of them who really need it. I spent time with a Greyhound who was nearly starved to death and 2 older dogs with eye problems. One of the little older dogs took a shining to me and just wanted constantly cuddled and carried! I really wanted to take him home!
I helped clean the laundry for them too such as blankets and beds. Nearer the end of the day, I was asked to help out with medication for some of the dogs, like creams, eye drops, etc which was great as you could see the dogs were grateful for it.
Also, while I was there, someone tied their dog to the gate with a note saying he was no longer wanted. My heart literally broke. The poor boy was so stressed and nervous so we had to take him to the vet wing to get him booked into the Home. He was given a kennel cough spray up his nose, his weight taken and a good old scratch behind the ear!
I highly recommend if anyone wants a cat or a dog to go to a rehoming centre first. There are so many gorgeous animals with amazing personalities in there who need some TLC!

*please note all images are from Pinterest*

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