Calum and I have discussed buying a house for a while now, but we really struggle saving for the deposit. I think we will start properly saving once Christmas is out the way.

We don't want to stop living altogether. We still want to go out for dinner once a month, or pay for a day our or concert in advance to have something to look forward to.

I can't believe how expensive it is to buy a house these days. Luckily our parents said they would help, but it's still going to be pretty hard!
Even though our own house is way in the future, that doesn't stop me from planning the decorating or furniture on Pinterest! I absolutely love the minimalistic look. I don't understand how anyone can have a house so full of stuff.
I know for a fact that Calum won't let the house be girly, so a black, white and grey theme suits me fine! We have already started to purchase things here and there, just so we don't need to panic buy once we have our own home.
*please note all images are from Pinterest*

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