Remembering my Granny


1st October, would have been my Granny's 80th birthday. I don't think losing someone gets any easier. I think you just learn to live with it.

I've always been really close to my Granny. She lived around the corner from our house for many years, then she moved to two doors away from me, so I was there every day.

I have loads of good and funny memories of my Granny. Like when I was five she wanted to dismantle a table so gave me a hammer to break it (yeah, I know), but no matter how much we hit it, it wouldn't break. So she sat on it to think of another idea and it collapsed! She was laughing so hard, she had tears in her eyes.

She was a very artistic person and I think this is where I get it from. We used to do lots of arts and crafts together, and if we were not doing that, we were watching Changing Rooms and other interior design programmes. She also loved cooking and we watched lots of food programmes too.
She also had green fingers and loved nothing more than her flowers in the garden. She even had a little pond, that my dad used to throw bread in to annoy her but deep down I knew she found it funny.
I remember the time leading up to her diagnosis for cancer, it wasn't nice and she was unwell. I stayed at her house one night when I was 13 and I heard her in the bathroom but she told me to just go back to bed. I wish I went to get my Mum or Dad instead.
She was diagnosed with stomach cancer first I think, but as my Granny kept her symptoms secret for a few months, it was too late to do anything as it spread to other parts around her body. Once she was diagnosed, she deteriorated quite quickly. She only lived 4 months after.
Her last Christmas she watched me put up the tree and decorated her house like a grotto as usual which was lovely. I can't really remember much that happened after Christmas until February. But I was in the house when she passed away, it was very upsetting.
When it came to her funeral arrangements, it also upset me how my aunties and uncles never knew what colours my Granny loved and her favourite flowers. I remember having to tell them, which was a bit sad.
I remember the day of her funeral as it was snowing but her daffodils she planted the year previously was already blooming. No one else's flowers had came through yet so I saw this as a sign. It was just lovely.
My Granny was buried beside my Grandad, who passed away before I turned 2 so unfortunately I can't remember him.
It's still nice to think about all my beautiful memories with her, but sometimes I wish Heaven had a phone so I can just have a chat her with again.
I also find it upsetting that since my Granny passed away, my family (as in aunties, uncles, etc.) have town apart. I loved how we were all mostly close but we no longer have that, even though I try and speak to everyone.
I'll definitely be having a cup of tea with a saucer to remember her and celebrate her 80th.

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