A Heavy Weight..


Lately, I've been feeling everything is on top of me and I'm really forgetful. I don't know why.

Volunteering with Edinburgh Cat & Dog Home


For work, we have to help the charities in the area we are working in. So I chose the Edinburgh Cat & Dog Home.
Animals have always been a big part in my life and I honestly don't know how many pets I've had over the years. I'm doing this for only 3 days unfortunately but I will be enquiring to do it longer.



Calum and I have discussed buying a house for a while now, but we really struggle saving for the deposit. I think we will start properly saving once Christmas is out the way.

We don't want to stop living altogether. We still want to go out for dinner once a month, or pay for a day our or concert in advance to have something to look forward to.

Remembering my Granny


1st October, would have been my Granny's 80th birthday. I don't think losing someone gets any easier. I think you just learn to live with it.

I've always been really close to my Granny. She lived around the corner from our house for many years, then she moved to two doors away from me, so I was there every day.

I have loads of good and funny memories of my Granny. Like when I was five she wanted to dismantle a table so gave me a hammer to break it (yeah, I know), but no matter how much we hit it, it wouldn't break. So she sat on it to think of another idea and it collapsed! She was laughing so hard, she had tears in her eyes.

Menorca Photo Diary!


Calum and I booked a holiday to a little village called Binibeca in Menorca back in December 2014. We have so been looking forward to this trip! These photo's aren't all of them, and they are not in any order. This is my first ever "hot" holiday abroad, as every where else I have been was in the middle of Winter or it was like British weather - raining all the time! We went snorkelling on a beach, went on a boat in Port Mahon with glass floors to see sea creatures and just generally wondered round.

We went to a hotel called Vanity Eden, which is an adults only hotel. It was all mostly couples and it was so peaceful. There are also a lot of wild/stray cats in Menorca so I did snap a couple of pictures of them, I wish I could have brought them home, they were so cute!

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