Holiday Beauty Purchases!


I don't think anyone can walk through the Duty Free section of the airport without buying a bargain! Some of this is from Edinburgh Airport, Mahon Airport and also the Duty Free Shop in Mahon (yes, there really is one!!!). Just to note, I'm not bragging about what I bought, in no way shape or form. I also apologise for the photo quality, I caught a virus while visiting Menorca and I didn't have the energy to get the lighting correct. I will add links to other shops where you can buy these products.

I have wanted Chloe perfume for a while now, so when I saw this at Duty Free, I knew I had to have it! This perfume specifically has only came out very recently, and I absolutely love it! It's a very musky smell which is perfect for Autumn/Winter. It also lasts all day!

I got this on the plane home to Edinburgh in the shopping magazine. I was eyeing this up when we were going out to Menorca but I thought it would be best to use up Euro's at the end! It does exactly what it says on the tin and it stays on for a long time! I do re-apply after I've had something to eat though just as some wipes away a little.
I know there was a big hype around this shade of lipstick because of Kylie Jenner, I really wanted this shade before that, but it was impossible to get! Now that the hype has died down, I managed to get it. I love a nude looking lipstick and I cannot wait to try this out properly. It's a very creamy texture which I adore.
I wasn't purposely looking for this product. I saw this as I was queuing up to buy my Chloe perfume and I thought I would get it to try. Since I done the face mapping (previous post), I've been trying to find new products for my skin care routine. I will give a review once my old face cleanser is done.
I'm in love with the Chanel brand! I've always wanted to get some make up items, so I grabbed my chance! It wasn't as expensive as I thought to I'm definitely going to purchase more now that I'm home. This blusher isn't too strong and it gives natural flush to your cheeks.
I have always struggled to find an eyebrow product light enough to match my eyebrows, and this is the most perfect match! I will definitely be repurchasing this! It also comes with a Chanel sharpener which is so cute. I don't put too much of it on either, just enough to fill in the gaps, which makes it look natural. I got this in the Duty Free Shop in Mahon.
I don't think the link is the exact ones I have but who doesn't like a Marc Jacobs fragrance?! When I saw these, I was in two minds of getting them as of how small I thought they were. Disappointingly, they were smaller than I thought! I didn't think they were worth the amount I spent on them. They look pretty on my dressing table, but as they are that small, I'm not sure if I want to use them so quickly.
This nail polish reminds me of a mermaid! It's just beautiful! I cannot wait to get this on my toes. I'm a massive collector of nail polishes, even though I get my nails done. I love to change up my toes all the time (yes, I don't wear matching nail polish but who cares?). I've been eyeing up other nail polishes for Accessorize too, so plenty more to come.

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