Dermalogica Face Mapping Experience


Before I went on holiday, the beauty salon I go to offered to do this for me, which is free. I was quite interested to learn more about my skin and how to look after it better.

I was told that your skin around your face, ears and neck are put into 14 different zones. She would then analyse my skin thoroughly by touching and generally looking. I always thought my skin was dry in some places and oily on the rest - how wrong was I!

I found out that I have sensitive cheeks, a dehydrated forehead and an oily chin.. along with other things! I found the experience so relaxing.

Don't worry about trying to remember what area is what, the beautician marks a sheet as she goes along, and also what Dermalogica products would help with your skin. I was given a copy of this, along with some Dermalogica freebies too!

Now that I'm back from my holiday, I will be purchasing some products to sort out the areas on my face.

I highly recommend getting this done. I wish I had got this done in my early teens! If your beauty salon stock Dermalogica products and works with Dermalogica products when doing facials, etc, I guarantee they would do this for you!

*please note all images are from Dermalogica*

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