Everyone has an opinion on tattoos. That's fine. People get tattoos for all different kind of reasons.
I currently have nine tattoos, and I will be most definitely get more.

S on my right hand - my first name (I was 16!)
R on my left hand, currently being removed - my last name, again I was 16, bit silly to have if you get married when you're older
Small outline of a love heart on ring finger, left hand - only finger that has a vein connecting straight to your heart, this is why we put our marriage/engagement rings on it
Three red love hearts down the side of right arm - represents love, family and friends
"Alis Volat Propriis" above inner crease of elbow, right arm - means "She flies with her own wings" in Latin, I got this for my granny and also to remind myself to be original/yourself
"Breigha" on back of neck - means "Beautiful" in Gaelic
Two dots on side of head - was taking part in a hair study so let them do this, still there and not faded!
Skull and crossbones with a pink bow on it's head on hip - I got this as I liked Rihanna's one on her foot haha! This was my most painful tattoo
"To live would be an awfully big adventure" - quote from Peter Pan to remind me I still have a lot to live for when I feel down. This quote varies in different films, etc but I prefer this one to "to die would be an awfully big adventure"
I have a few good idea's on what I want next, but maybe after my holiday!
*please note, all images on this post are from Pinterest*

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