Jim Davidson


As I've said in a previous post about the Edinburgh Festival Fringe, I was going to see Jim Davidson at the Edinburgh Playhouse with my Dad and Calum.

The show started at half seven, and me, who's always earlier arrived at 6:40pm to wait for my Dad and Calum, who were both rushing about as they didn't have enough time between finishing work and getting there. While I was waiting, there wasn't many people about, so I was just taking in the scenery, when Jim Davidson stood beside me. I must have looked like I saw a ghost cause I just stared at him, and I looked at the door man who looked just as baffled at me! I wish I ask him for a photo but I got really shy, so he smiled at me and said hello.. And off he went into CC Blooms, presumably for a drink!

We didn't have to wait to long when we got in and sat down for him to come on which is good. He had all three of us with sore sides for laughing! He even told us what happened with the child abuse scandal he was involved in, which I thought was very brave, and told us how he proved the women wrong. For example, he said a woman claimed he had sexually assaulted her at a theatre in London, but on the date in question, he had proof he was nowhere near London doing a show somewhere else! Just think its a bit of a shame having to go through it all, but by the standards of his show, you can see he's came out with only a couple war wounds! He also had the theatre joining in with some of his jokes which I love.
He was only here for one night in Edinburgh, but I highly recommend seeing him and I will definitely be going again if he comes back to the Festival!
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