My Top Tourist Places to go in Edinburgh!


Even though I live in Edinburgh, its pretty cool to do all the tourist things. It's the best way to get to know your city. Even though I have been here for 24 years, I'm still discovering things!

Because where else are you going to find a purse made of skin from Burke and the skeleton of Burke, an infamous murderer, who paired up with Hare to kill and sell the bodies to the University? Please be aware the museum is closed until September 2015.
This is like a massive peace of the countryside in the middle of the city. Arthur's Seat is actually an extinct volcano and is brimming with wildlife. It's home to 3 different Lochs (Duddingston, Dunsapie and St. Margaret's). It also has some ruins, and if you look closely, you'll also find some small doors on it! I've no idea what's behind them, but if they opened I'd love to look.

Holyrood Palace is open to the public, even though this is the Queen's official residence when she stays in Scotland. I've only been here twice but its absolutely breath taking to see! I loved all the rich red colour, the portraits of past Royal's.. There is even a small cemetery where some Kings are laid to rest, in the ruins of Holyrood Abbey.
This is probably one of the most iconic images in Scotland, not just Edinburgh. Edinburgh Castle has not been used for royal residence since 1603, when King James VI of Scotland united us with England. It has been used during the war to keep prisoners a couple times since. The only way of getting up to the castle is via the Royal Mile, as it's on top of Castle Rock, which made it hard for invaders to get to.

This is quite self explanatory. Basically, the street is a mile long, one end is Edinburgh Castle, and the other is Holyrood Palace. But there are a lot of hidden treasures up and down this street, I would personally take a whole day to explore it. You have things like John Knox' House, The Museum of Childhood, St. Giles Cathedral and much more. You can also find the City Chambers along with ghost tours and street acts up and down. August is probably the best time to come, as the Edinburgh Festival Fringe is on and there are acts everywhere and also little stalls. You can also find little boutiques and lovely little cafe's/restaurants if you keep an eye out.
I love this place. It's so peaceful and quiet! The lighthouse is not a fully operational one, but at night it lights up multi-colours and it's just really pretty. There are also a lot of restaurants round a bout the harbour, my favourite is Old Chain Pier which is about a 15 minute walk away from here. It hangs over into the sea, it's a lovely view especially when its raining.
A lot of people think this monument is to celebrate being Scottish. It's actually in honour to Sir Walter Scott, one of our most famous author's. You can go inside this monument, but I have to warn you, there are a LOT of steps!
Princes Street Gardens is split into two, a part behind the Scott Monument and a part in front of the castle. They are both separated by a street called The Mound, which has the Scottish National Gallery. The Garden's used to be the Nor Loch, but this was drained many, many years ago to create this beautiful park for everyone to enjoy. It's lovely to chill out in the summer, or at Christmas time, where it turns into a magical place, where stalls and rides are everywhere. They also use the Pavillion which is on the Castle side, sometimes for concerts.
I could write so much more about this amazing city I live in. But I think I'll keep my little gem's for you to find yourself.
*please note, all images on this post are from Google Images*

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