My Affordable Hair Care Routine


Now, probably like any other girl, my hair is my pride and joy. I always try to look after it and sometimes I'm a bit too scared to try other brands in case my hair doesn't take to well to it. I have used the below products for years and so far, I've never had a bad hair day with any of them!


Before I discovered this brand, I was having a real hair nightmare. My hair is very tuggy after washing, so trying to find the correct duo for it was a real struggle. You name a brand I've tried it. Nothing worked. Then my hair started to look greasy not long after washing, even though everything was rinsed properly. That's when I discovered Aussie and never looked back! My hair is never tuggy anymore, it's really soft and has an amazing shine to it. It also never feels dry, even though I wash it everyday.

I've used these since high school. I try to do this once a week, usually a Sunday, as it's like a little spa for my hair. All you need to do is put it in a cup of hot water, wait five minutes, then snip the top off and rub it in your hair. Again, this makes my hair feel and smell amazing and I love how it helps damaged hair.

When I was younger I always straightened my hair, curled it, put waves in it.. etc. But now the only heat that touches my hair everyday is blow drying it. I only ever do something to it if I'm going out somewhere nice, a night out, etc. The more heat you use, the more damage you can cause.
I usually only use this at weekend when I want a bit extra volume at my roots. I absolutely love this stuff and only bought it when I saw SWalker Makeup recommending it. It's pretty cold when you put it on and easy to brush out, but at least it lasts all day! 
*please note, all images on this post are from Boots*

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