Ever since I saw the trailer for this movie, I knew I had to come see it. I'm a massive John Green fan and have read all his books so far and this was one of my favourites!

When I found out Cara Delevingne would be playing Margo, I had mixed thoughts. She has never starred in a movie role before and when I have seen her on TV, she came across to me as a bit rude. Before I saw the film, I saw an interview she done with a TV programme in America, and I felt sorry for her as the people on the show were being a bit mean. But, even though I first had my doubts, she was great in the film! I did find it strange hearing her with an American accent though as I'm used to hearing her British one.
The plot to the film is basically like the book, Margo and Quentin have a night time adventure and the next day, Margo is gone. Quentin makes it his mission to find her, as she leaves clues behind. In the end, he does find her, but Margo doesn't go back to Orlando with him.
There were parts of the book that the film missed out which is slightly disappointing, but I suppose its to be expected when a book turns into a film.
But, if you're a massive John Green fan like myself, make sure you don't miss this!
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