Monday Day Off!


On Monday, I had the day off! I felt like I hadn't been off for such a long time..

I got up at half 6 (I know..) as my kitchen and bathroom are being done up just now so needed to get a shower quickly! It was also my niece Charlotte's first day at primary school so I wanted to see her in her uniform. She looked so cute in it standing next to her friend, Brianna (below)!

Afterwards, I went to a shopping park and bought a new stripey tee, Chelsea boots and a real techniques eyebrow brush. I haven't managed to take a pic of them but they may appear on my Instagram soon!
Afterwards, I went to one of my best friends, Kerryann's house. She was looking after her sister's puppy Todd, he's so cute! He looks like a baby fox! He's a micro Pomeranian and he's so well behaved, apart from the usual puppy teeth problems!
After Kerryann got organised, which takes ages so I need to keep telling her to get a move on haha, we left little Lucie with Ryan (Kerryann's partner) and went out for a well deserved catch up! We ended up going to Pizza Hut for lunch, where Kerryann literally stuffed herself with the buffet, and I got a gluten free Americano pizza and salad. I've never felt so full in my life.
Afterwards, we went to the arcades and won a minion for Lucie! Then we went to the cinema to see Papertowns, which we both loved (review coming soon!)
And as you can see, Minion Steve enjoyed the cinema too!

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