My Affordable Hair Care Routine


Now, probably like any other girl, my hair is my pride and joy. I always try to look after it and sometimes I'm a bit too scared to try other brands in case my hair doesn't take to well to it. I have used the below products for years and so far, I've never had a bad hair day with any of them!


H&M Current Wishlist

Ladyboys of Bangkok


This is more of a photo diary of the event, but it was amazing!




Ever since I saw the trailer for this movie, I knew I had to come see it. I'm a massive John Green fan and have read all his books so far and this was one of my favourites!

Jim Davidson


As I've said in a previous post about the Edinburgh Festival Fringe, I was going to see Jim Davidson at the Edinburgh Playhouse with my Dad and Calum.

Monday Day Off!


On Monday, I had the day off! I felt like I hadn't been off for such a long time..

I got up at half 6 (I know..) as my kitchen and bathroom are being done up just now so needed to get a shower quickly! It was also my niece Charlotte's first day at primary school so I wanted to see her in her uniform. She looked so cute in it standing next to her friend, Brianna (below)!

Olivia Burton - The new Midi Chrono Collection!


Olivia Burton are a fairly new brand founded in 2012. And since then, I have seen the brand everywhere! I love how their products are on trend but with a vintage look. Who can't say no to that?

Accessorize Loving

My Picks from the Edinburgh Festival Fringe 2015


In the month of August, Edinburgh turns into a massive festival - all day every day, through the night and in all weathers. There are show's for everyone.
The Edinburgh Festival Fringe is the world's largest arts festival which started back in 1947, and still going strong today. Entertainers come from all over the world to show their talents. Whether it be comedy, dance, cabaret.. you name it, the festival will have it.
August is probably the best time for tourist's to come to experience this beautiful city. Fortunately, I've lived here all my life.



Everyone has an opinion on tattoos. That's fine. People get tattoos for all different kind of reasons.
I currently have nine tattoos, and I will be most definitely get more.

We made Sriracha Chicken!


Every Saturday, Calum and I try to make a home made meal from scratch. I love trying new things out and it's also giving Calum a new found confidence in the kitchen, a great thing for when we get our own house!

We found this recipe online, and it was so yummy, we needed to share it!


My Top Tourist Places to go in Edinburgh!


Even though I live in Edinburgh, its pretty cool to do all the tourist things. It's the best way to get to know your city. Even though I have been here for 24 years, I'm still discovering things!

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