Weekend Round Up #2


The weekend was again, very busy for Calum and I. On Friday, I had to get my hair redone (unfortunately) but it's now how I would like it, so I'm pretty pleased.

On Friday night, Calum's work colleague invited us round for a bbq, even though the weather was awful! We decided to get the bus so we could have some alcohol - which I'm never doing again! It took us an hour to get to a place where it would have taken us five minutes in the car and literally a 20 minute walk away. But in a way it's good not to always rely on cars isn't it? Anyway we had a brilliant night. We had old tunes on from 2007 which gave me some nostalgia, and I'm quite considering giving them a re-download.

After the barbeque, we got a fire pit going to toast some marshmallows. I've never ever done this before, so was quite excited to do so! When Calum and I get a house, we most definitely will be purchasing one of these.
On Saturday, Calum and I popped into town to the sales to try and grab some holiday clothes for our holiday in September. I was really struggling because all of the Autumn/Winter collections are now out and I didn't really like anything in the sales - so more online shopping it is! In the evening, we met up with some friends and went to Nando's. I don't even know why I bother looking at the menu anymore as I get the same every time I go (plain chicken wings, spicy rice and peri chips with garlic peri sauce - yum!), it was delicious! Afterwards, we went to the cinema to see Ted 2 (blog post on the movie will be up soon), I had really sore sides afterwards from laughing!

On Sunday, I was feeling a bit emotional about anything and everything really. I'm still trying to adjust to being "normal" without my antidepressants. But I decided to put my favourite Rolling Stones t-shirt on and head out anyway. Calum went to a car event on Sunday which isn't my cup of tea, and my mum's been quite ill the last week, so we went food shopping together. Afterwards, I dropped my mum back off at home, and went to Fort Kinnaird shopping park to return a couple items I picked up the day before (again, blog post coming soon on why!). I purchased another couple of tops (yes, I did pick up some Autumn/Winter clothes.. it's my favourite season..) and some makeup. I also went to visit family afterwards. I'm quite a family orientated person so I try my best to visit when I can.

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