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Now if you know me quite well, you probably know I take about five different vitamins/supplements every morning without fail. A few I can see the physical benefits from and some help me from the inside. I told a few friends of one I take and they all got it and seen the benefits within a couple weeks!

Good n Natural Aloe Vera Capsules

I have been taking these for a couple years now on the advice from a doctor. I had my first smear test done at 20 (In Scotland, this is when you start, I think it should be this age all over the UK) and it came back abnormal. Now it went on like this for the past 3 years, I had biopsies and all sorts. So one time after a smear, which you get every 6 months if its abnormal, the doctor mentioned aloe vera capsules. So I took them religiously every day since. And guess what? I never had any treatment and got the all clear! I still continue to take them to this day.

Holland and Barrett Oil of Peppermint Tablets

Peppermint is a life saver for stomach pains, etc especially if you have coeliac disease. They help to ease cramping if I accidently eat gluten so I don't have as much of an attack from it.

Holland and Barrett Natural Evening Primrose Capsules

I read a post from gh0stparties back in March about this. She said this helped clear her acne, so I thought I needed to try this. And she's right! Within 2 weeks of taking this I never had a break out and not had one since, even when I'm due my period. I strongly recommend this to anyone. I told a few of my friends and they're faces cleared up too.

Holland and Barrett Cod Liver Oil Capsules

I take these as they help your skin too, as well as your bones and muscles. If you have coeliac disease, there is a high chance of developing osteoporosis too as you aren't getting the correct nutrients from food and can leave you malnourished. I was only diagnosed recently even though I've probably had this all my life so I thought as well as changing my diet these can help me too, as I've been under nourished for such a long time.

Is there anything you take? Can you suggest anymore that would be beneficial?

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