Toxic People - How to recognise them and remove them from your life


I've been having problems with toxic people who claim to be friends for a very long time now. And for the last few months, I have started to notice who comes under this category and I've removed them from my life. I'm not saying it's easy as it's not, but once they were gone, I felt so much better. I always try and surround myself with positive energy and by removing them, it gives you an instant boost!

I thought I would point out the sign's I've experienced, in case you are currently experiencing the same, and suggestions on how to deal with it.
1. Jekyll and Hyde character
Ever felt like a "friend" was really nice to you one day and not the next for no reason? Yeah, it's probably happened to everyone at some point, but if this is their constant behaviour - remove them as soon as possible. I always asked if there was something wrong or if I had upset them in anyway, they always said no. This was always turned on me - they would say I'm paranoid and played on my mental health problems. But the more I think about it, it's not me. It's them.
2. Everything is one sided
I think this is a problem in every kind of relationship. To the point where you make so much effort, and they make none. It's as if you own them something. I've felt like this with a few "friends" in the past and I've confronted them about it. Some have genuinely apologised and made more effort - which is fine, people can accidently let things slip. But if you are constantly making an effort, confronted them about how you are feeling it's all one sided, etc. and there's still nothing on their part? Let them get on with it. Don't make the effort with them.
3. Arguing

Arguing can actually be healthy. But when they argue with you over everything you say? Just no.

4. Guilt tripping

Whether they need to borrow money, a lift in the car somewhere, etc. There is always a sad story to go with it to make you obligated to do it. And it's not just once in a blue moon either, its nearly every week. If it's not a life or death situation, and you really don't want to, just say no.

5. They're always their when something goes bad, but never when something is good

This, for me, is a major thing. When they were there for the bad, it wasn't because they were trying to make it better, it was to get the information to tell other people. And if something good happened, they always turned it into a downer. For example, I bought a "friend" a birthday gift for their birthday, and on my birthday, I got a very blunt text message which led into an argument (due to me asking if they're okay, they said I was paranoid.. as above!). I don't give gift's out to get them back, but really? Making me feel bad on my birthday?

6. Sorry is a no-no

They won't apologise. Enough said.

7. Judgemental

Basically, the above sub-heading sum's it up. Whether it be who else you hang out with, what you wear, your hobbies.. everything. NEVER let anyone judge you. Nobodies life is perfect.

There are probably more sign's but these are the main one's I have personally experienced.

Everyone is fighting their own battles - toxic people do not need to add to it.

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