Health - The thorn in my side.


This post is a bit of a moan, so thought I'd put a picture of Gizmo up as he kind of cheers me up. Actually, he always cheers me up. So, yeah..
For the past god knows how long, I've been feeling ill. Not the "I feel sick" kind or "I'm in pain". I can't really describe it.
I feel exhausted, dizzy sometimes, light headed.. The other day I got a bit light headed while driving which scared me as I scraped my wheel off a kerb as it veered to the side. This isn't normal.

I also got pins and needles, mostly in my arms and legs from nearly everything. Whether it be when I wake up, or I have my legs crossed when I'm sitting..
When I mentioned this to people, they said I was just lazy or just a normal tired. But surely when someone has a ten hour sleep and are still tired getting up and having to nap later on isn't normal?
The doctor's at first would fob me off, putting it down to my antidepressants at first. But I've now been off them for over a month (yay!), so it's not them. They then said it's something to do with my coeliac disease, which I think is nonsense.
So I've been persisting with it as I can't go on feeling like this all the time, I feel like a Zombie.
So I've been having constant blood tests. It turns out, on top of my coeliac disease, IBS and mental health problems (which I think the mental health ones are starting to heal themselves, even though I know it will always kind of be there), I may now have a vitamin B12 deficiency and possibly a thyroid problem. I was also told for certain I have hardly any white blood cells.
The white blood cell thing runs in my family and this can explain why I feel crap, but so does the vitamin B12 problem. Right now, that is borderline so I need to be re-tested again.
My cousin has a vitamin B12 deficiency. It helps the normal functioning of the brain and nervous system. Like me, she suffered the same, but the full list of symptoms are:
  • Extreme tiredness
  • Lack of energy
  • Pins and needles
  • A sore and red tongue
  • Muscle weakness
  • Depression
  • Problems with memory, understanding and judgement
  • Irritability
  • Changes in the way you feel, think and behave
She was diagnosed a while ago. The only way to help this problem is to get vitamin B12 injections, that are every 3 months. Victoria said they are very painful, but you can feel the difference once you get them, but after 2 months you start to feel sluggish again.
My symptoms kind of match the above, I'm even thinking my mental health problems could be linked to it some how, even though it was something personal that triggered it all off.
The point in this post is, if you feel unwell, please don't let the doctors brush it off. Get yourself seen, and be persistent, you WILL get somewhere.

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