Deceiving Dress Sizes - Why?!


I was already feeling crap about myself at the weekend, but trying on my usual size in jeans and discovering they don't fit made me feel horrible.
This happens to me in lots of shops. My sizes vary from a size 10 - 16 depending where I buy things from and what the item is.

I think this is why I don't go clothes shopping very often, the sizes are too confusing. But why is this?
I done some research online and discovered that since the early 2000's, shops have added or decreased inches on their items. I have never discovered anything so far that's had added inches and still the same size. Not even once.
The average British woman size is now a 16. But a lot of companies see this as a plus size or only go up to a size 14.
I'm sorry but I don't ever see a 16 as being a plus size. To me, it's a normal sized person. I actually find this very offensive to even be considered a plus size, but in today's society, I shouldn't be surprised.
I've always varied between 4 sizes since high school. I was bullied a bit for my size, even though it was mostly because I hit puberty early, I had a big chest and bum. Even now I'm still called fat. And you know what? I'm proud. Yes, I have curves. Yes, I may be carrying a little extra weight. But so what? It's no-one else's business but mine.
Even now I still hear heckling, whether it's on social media or in the street, about being "fat". It really annoys me. What happens if someone has a medical condition? Coeliac's, thyroid, polycystic ovaries.. the list goes on. No-one has the right to judge anyone on how they look. Ever.
So if like me, you're struggling to get into those new jeans you wanted, or tried on a top that is just a little too tight, it's okay. We shouldn't be adjusting, it should be the shops instead.
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